What The Floss Is Voodoo Flossing All About

If you happen to’re within the health club lengthy sufficient you’re going to both see A) somebody voodoo flossing or B) an enormous thick rubber resistance band that’s stuffed within the nook accumulating mud. If you happen to see somebody utilizing the band, hopefully appropriately, you’ll see them wrapping it round themselves (or having somebody wrap it round a physique a part of theirs, suppose a bicep or calf, you weirdo), constricting their muscle fascia like a boa would. Let’s get into the main points about voodoo flossing, what it’s, why folks do it, and what the protocol for voodoo flossing is to be able to make the most of this very helpful ischemic compression method.

Voodoo flossing is a compression remedy method seen most frequently in bodily remedy places of work and in gyms with trainers or athletes trying to launch pressure, soreness, or vary of movement in a selected muscle group or joint. [R] By mobilizing delicate tissue with the appliance of a protracted rubber band (lots like a resistance band, however it isn’t a closed loop), a person is ready to constrict blood stream. This occurs through the compression for a brief period of time (suppose :30 – 2 minutes) replenishing the world with oxygen, vitamins, and blood stream as soon as the band is eliminated. Voodoo flossing, aka muscle flossing, shouldn’t be meant for use throughout exercise or a recreation, and is just meant for use as a warmup, cooldown, or restoration method.

Technically, anybody with a physique can voodoo floss, however identical to anything, there are particular folks and makes use of which are higher candidates for taking full benefit of voodoo flossing advantages. If you happen to’re an athlete or lively particular person wanting so as to add just a little one thing further to your warmup or restoration routine (stretching, what’s that?) then having a Rogue voodoo floss band could possibly be helpful for you. If you happen to’re tremendous sore, or know you’re going to be put up exercise, this is likely to be time to hurry new, oxygenated and nutrient wealthy blood into an space you simply exhausted.

Full transparency right here, however the advantages of voodoo flossing being confirmed within the medical or scientific analysis class is proscribed and inconclusive. First off, there haven’t been many research accomplished with voodoo bands, and the analysis that has, isn’t very supported. That being mentioned, does it imply that it’s best to toss that Rogue voodoo floss band within the trash? Not a lot. If you happen to really feel prefer it helps you and it’s one thing you can carry out and implement safely, then do it. Let’s try a number of the advantages we’ve seen from voodoo flossing

1. Compression Remedy

You possibly can carry out compression remedy by pinching the muscle facia of a sore space or you should use a voodoo band to do the identical factor with (often) a lot better outcomes, particularly in areas which are exhausting to stretch or launch (like your elbow or ankle).

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2. Restore Muscle Fibers

Muscle fibers and muscle facia work finest when the striations (traces on the muscle fibers) are straight and might transfer easily. Just like the best way that flossing works to your tooth, nerve flossing and voodoo flossing do the identical factor – they clear out the lactic acid, toxins, and micro waste particles caught within the muscle which are a by product of micro tears. In doing so, the muscle physique is ready to glide properly when contracted and relaxed, to be able to transfer higher, cut back irritation, get new blood in there, and have a more healthy muscle physique.

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3. Enhance Flexibility And ROM

Since voodoo flossing might be utilized and used for each muscular tissues and joints, some studies have discovered that when flossing is completed often, issues like plantar flexion and dorsiflexion vary of movement was improved from the ischemic compression method. That is theorized to occur by lowering irritation within the space, shifting the joint within the correct planes of movement, and enhancing blood stream, nutrient supply, and oxygen to the world for a extra lubricated motion.

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4. Cut back Or Forestall Muscle Soreness

Whereas inconclusive, a pair studies have discovered that voodoo flossing muscle tissue can assist with lowering post-workout soreness, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), and might forestall harm when used often.

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5. In With New Blood, Out With The Previous

Anytime you will get new blood into an space that has been broken or used from train it’s a good suggestion to get new blood into the world to offer vitamins and oxygen. That is why nitric oxide boosting dietary supplements, like Citrulline Malate, can actually assist enhance efficiency and restoration. Consequently, nitric oxide widens blood vessels rising blood stream and circulation with out rising blood stress. We suggest combining your pre-workout voodoo flossing with a complement that accommodates a nitric oxide booster for optimum outcomes, blood stream, efficiency and restoration.

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Voodoo floss protocol is finest carried out by a skilled skilled like a bodily therapist or educated athletic coach because of the threat concerned with over constricting the muscular tissues and doubtlessly inflicting injury to the muscle, joint, or nerves. That being mentioned although, you possibly can actually experiment by yourself, listening to your physique, and dealing as much as the suitable stress.

  1. Get a voodoo floss Rogue band or a band from every other web site or in particular person retailer
  2. Decide a motion you’re not notably good at and/or that you’ve got poor mobility in -or- an space that’s exhausting to stretch, that’s sore, or tight (suppose your quad for squats, your ankle for mobility within the squat, or your elbow)
  3. Wrap the world from the highest down(you would possibly need assistance from a good friend, coach, or coach), at a 50% compression, with none wrinkles within the band (to keep away from it sticking collectively and getting caught)
  4. Carry out the supposed movement or related movement (i.e. air squat, facet step, extension/flexion) for :30 – 2 minutes
  5. Unwind and take away the band, permitting for the recirculation of blood within the space, and repeat as crucial
  1. Don’t wrap the band greater than 50% pressure across the space of focus as a result of the potential for over constricting and injury to the world
  2. Don’t proceed to put on the band when you expertise any vital change in coloration of the pores and skin, numbness, lack of movement or tingling. If this occurs, take it off, and don’t wrap it that tight
  3. Usually talking, we suggest a put on time of :30 – 2 minutes and not more than that at a time (this isn’t BFT, however we’ll get to that later)
  4. Wrap your space from the highest down and DO NOT overlap the band. The rationale for that is that you don’t want to get your self right into a scenario the place you can not shortly and effectively unravel that band when you put it on too tight. You additionally are not looking for that sticky band to roll over itself so tight and get so caught that you must minimize it off. YIKES.

To be trustworthy, voodoo floss bands are an especially helpful and also you don’t need simply any band. The rationale? Placing the band below severe pressure again and again with repeated use can put on down the rubber and the very last thing you want is for that factor to snap again at you whilst you’re winding it round your physique. Yikes. The voodoo floss band from Rogue Fitness is well the most well-liked, however yow will discover different retailers by doing a easy Google or Amazon search. There’s probably not one that’s higher than one other (until its a janky one off Amazon) and what you’re usually paying for, if the thickness is identical, is the the model title on it.

In brief, no, voodoo flossing shouldn’t be the identical factor as blood stream restriction coaching. BFR is supposed to truly cut back blood stream to an space of the physique by constricting the blood vessels, making a hypoxic occasion. Because of this wherever from 50-80% of blood stream is restricted, and in doing so, anabolic progress components, quick twitch fiber recruitment, and muscle protein synthesis are all elevated. The supposed use and voodoo floss protocol shouldn’t be meant to occlude any arteries or veins. Once you floss a muscle, you don’t want to get so tight with it (and also you would possibly need to, however don’t!) that you simply truly trigger vital injury to the nerves and blood vessels.

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Voodoo flossing is a pleasant strategy to cut back soreness, enhance restoration, enhance mobility, rehab accidents, or get an space of your physique warmed up earlier than you exercise. Whereas the analysis is missing and inconclusive round this  ischemic compression method that doesn’t imply that it might not give you the results you want. Professional suggestions: don’t wrap the band with greater than 50% compression, be sure you can get it off shortly when you wrap it too tight, don’t floss for greater than 2 minutes at a time, and don’t skip your common mobility classes or use voodoo flossing as an alternative to common stretching and mobility classes.

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